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The Eraser is a survival horror adventure designed in the footsteps of the classic Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, mixing their formula with brutal skill-based combat inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne. 

The Eraser uses an isometric view combined with side-scrolling sections.

Hidden in an unmapped area, there is a town where people can get their most painful memories erased. For Ernest Bloch, the town is the last resort of getting rid of a traumatic memory that had been destroying him for years. But refusing something that has become an integral part of his personality will only wake monsters eager to devour him completely.

  • Tense melee combat. At its core, the combat is inspired by From Software's latest games, but with the idea of making it more accessible and less punishing for the player. There are no stats, grinding, or builds: the player's survival depends on their skill, reaction speed, and the ability to manage a very limited inventory of consumable resources.

  • Interconnected levels full of exploration. The flooded town is divided into several locations looped around the main hub area (for reference, think Resident Evil 2's police station). The player will look for clues and special items to progress and access locked locations. Sometimes they'll have to come back to the previously explored areas to find hidden paths and shortcuts. The town will reflect the player's progress by constantly changing its shape, so the backtracking won't feel boring.

  • Survival. The player has a melee weapon, but it's only a part of the mix needed to survive. To defeat enemies, the player will have to wisely use a very limited inventory of healing items and offensive and defensive artifacts, and be ready to seek a safe room when things go south.

  • Mystery. What memory does the protagonist want to get rid of? Is this really why he's here? What is the nature of the town? Who are those strange people he keeps stumble upon? Who left those mysterious signs all around the town and what's behind the secret doors? The Eraser uses branching dialogue, environments, and the player's imagination to answer those questions — and raise new ones.

This is a prototype of a game which might come up in some future, and it is a subject of change.

I'm very interested in your feedback about the game. Please do not hesitate to leave some comment below. Each feedback is precious for me! ;)


the-eraser-win.zip 119 MB
Version 5 Mar 01, 2021
the-eraser-mac.zip 117 MB
Version 4 Mar 01, 2021

Install instructions

Play with Xbox/PS4 controller for best experience. Control scheme for keyboard is in development.

Development log


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We spoke of the demo in our podcast. We hope your game is still in dev :)

Without a doubt, this is an excellent game. It took exactly the best of games like Resident Evil and Dark Souls. I can't wait for the full version. Kudos to you guys!

Wow, very happy with this demo. Feeling and animations are great, such as the sound design and art style, even the 2d/3d choices. Can't wait for bigger bosses and more different environments. Had a little blocking bug while falling on a rock down (with no way to come back). Would love to see what I still have left directly on the screen. Maybe you could push a bit further the charism/originality of the hero's design. Really really hope you'll make a full game with this to purchase it. Great work!

Good edgy vibes, good gameplay. Well done guys !

Game didnt detect contreller any solution ?

Love the art style.
From what I played here is what bothered me:
1. As someone mentioned, the side-scrolling seems either lacking or just out of place. I immediately want to get back to the isometric view.

2. Difficult to dodge magic (electric?) bolts. Often I cannot tell whether the bolt will hit me or fly past my back. Especially when the player and the caster are not on the same height level. A small glowing indicator below the bolt might help - after all the bolt is glowing, thus sheds lights. Then again I'm not very good at these kind of games :)

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Idk about 45 minute guy down there, but this thing took me a good couple hours. I've not played a "souls-like" so learning how to move and fight and stuff took me a bit longer...

I love the shadows and I think the art is a multi-dimensional masterpiece ;)

Easy Follow, looking forward to updates.

Also I ran this on a 2013 MacBook with an Intel 4k graphics card with 1.5gb ram. Main ram was 8Gb. So pretty old machine. Most of the game ran fine, except the main menu and intro animations were pretty rough. While the main menu and intro were beautiful, it might be nice to set the graphics resolution before starting so I can get a good frame rate and really appreciate the water :)

Also one bug was clicking Continue after completing the demo, I walked among the corpses of my fallen fo, and most if not all of the pickups had re-spawned so I'm super stacked on white pills for the next update ;)

This is not good.... It's AWESOME!!!.. Great gameplay, fluid graphics; just feels right. Well done indeed!

Really cool game, congrats !

 The combat system is exactly what I needed, the right kind of hard.

 The aesthetic is almost Mignola-esque. The sound design on spot. Not too many things to read, just a lot of mystery and overall great atmosphere.

I am looking forward for a full release, keep up the good job !!

I just wish we could zoom sometimes to appreciate the enemies's design.

Any plans to support Linux?


I do have plans to make it on Linux, just a little bit later ;)


Very good looking game !
Congrat :)

This game looks like it will be FANTASTIC! I just created a short gameplay / review video of it (link below), and I cannot wait to see the full game take off!

Five Stars, no question.

Hey there!

I'm not good with many words, so I think I  just point out what I liked and what I did not like. :D

The good:
- What I love is the usage of consumables, they feel insanely helpful and sometimes even needed which I think is wonderful game design!

- The art-style is really nice!

- The game is challenging which I definitely like :)

What I had problems with:

- Even after playing through the whole game I did not understand when I could stun enemies with an attack and when not, that sometimes led to frustrating moments.

- I personally did not like the side-scroll sections, it did throw me off, and it looks so much better from above. But that's of course something very personal. :D

Thanks for making the game! :)

played though this in about 45 min. amazing!

i love the atmosphere, the sound design, characters, and the overall feel of it. i enjoy the pacing, design, and combat system - especially the two powerups available, those were cool! i'm honestly not sure what else to suggest, except the shadows don't fit in with the artstyle. i feel like you're on a really great path. absolutely wonderful.


Thank you! It is very nice to hear that :) Did you get to the cableway?

yes i did! it was a good place to end, but also sad because i want to play more (O: