Patch 1 is out!

Hello there!

Last week I released demo of my latest game - The Eraser.  All feedback I received helped to create a nice and solid first patch!

It was productive week I addressed some issues and like what's coming of it.

Here's what I've done lately:

  • New checkpoint system
  • Separate Menu from the Inventory
  • Rework enemies AI and stats
  • Rework Boss enemy
  • Rework Controls:
    • Rework dash / roll
    • Assign sprint button to Left Bumper
    • Dedicated button for Inventory
    • Assign Use Item to Left Trigger
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes (should have a good impact on fps ;) 

Try the new build, and share your thoughts!

Files 119 MB
Version 2 Feb 11, 2021 117 MB
Version 2 Feb 11, 2021

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just wondering - are you near the beginning, middle, or end of development?


It is in a very early stage of development now, more like vertical slice, and still many features are in development ;)

Impressive! It's extremely polished as it is. I hope development goes well for you and you don't burn yourself out!